Access control solutions in Oman

Access control solutions in Oman are rapidly becoming an indispensible necessity for any occupational sector and the information of the additional safety it delivers is precious. Apart from that, it becomes a system of monitoring employees within an institution and thus confirming merely the right individuals go into the right zones.

Elite International offer diverse access control systems in Oman in order to successfully meet your explicit access control Oman necessities all crafted to combine with your attendance system. Time and attendance systems are initially intended for handling employee time and attendance in businesses such as workshops, workplaces and hotels, the suppleness of the system also make it appropriate for tracing attendance in clubs, schools and universities.

BioEntry Plus in Oman

BioEntry Plus is an access control Oman device which can be meritoriously used both for proximity cards and finger print recognition. Biometric control in Oman can be easily achieved with the help of a superior device like BioEntry Plus. It is an IP based access control Oman system which ranges from modest separate door admittance to composite access control systems.

It uses the world's most consistent fingerprint algorithm for biometric identification which offers highest identification rate of 1:2000 in 1 second! Easy management and operation are the key features of access control in Oman.


Xpass in Oman

Xpass from Elite International is a superior enterprise level access control system which can easily handle 128 access groups, 40,000 users and 64 zones.s

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  • UTM
  • Time Attendance
  • wired
  • power
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