Facestation F2

Suprem Facestation F2 is a fusion multimodal terminal with unmatched face recognition performance.
Experience the exceptional authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance achieved by Suprema’s unique Fusion technology.

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Fusion Matching Face Recognition
Fusion Matching Face Recognition
Suprema's Fusion Matching technology represents an innovative approach to authentication by seamlessly integrating infrared (IR) and visual face recognition. This cutting-edge technology is distinguished by its utilization of a unique deep learning algorithm, resulting in exceptional authentication accuracy and setting a benchmark for the industry with its best-in-class antispoofing performance.
Best-in-Class Multi Credentials
The FaceStation F2 stands as an industry-leading multimodal device, offering a versatile array of credential options that include face recognition, fingerprint recognition, traditional cards, and mobile access. Renowned for its best-in-class capabilities, the FaceStation F2 also extends support for dual-frequency access cards, Near Field Communication (NFC), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based Mobile Access Cards. Additionally, it features Template on Card functionality, enabling authentication through biometric data stored directly on the cards.
Best-in-Class Multimodal with Various Credentials
Robust Device Security and Data Encryption
Device Security & Data Encryption
Ensuring the utmost device security, the FaceStation F2 goes beyond mere encryption of biometric credentials and personal information; it also employs a secure boot process to fortify data protection. Constructed on the Android platform, FaceStation F2 leverages the inherent security enhancements of the operating system. This integration underscores the commitment to providing the highest level of security, encompassing robust encryption practices and a secure boot process, thereby enhancing the overall protection of sensitive biometric and personal data on the device.
Enterprise-level Memory Capacity
FaceStation F2’s massive memory capacity can easily handle the large number of users in enterprise environment. FaceStation F2 can accommodate up to
  • 100,000 users*
  • 50,000 face image logs
  • 5,000,000 text logs.
face station f2 Memory Capacity
Suitable for Various Environment
Suitable for Various Environment
Thanks to its IR recognition technology, FaceStation F2 can authenticate faces under dim lighting, allowing uninterrupted face recognition in all indoor lighting conditions. With IP65 rating, FaceStation F2 is dust-proof, waterproof and easy to maintain.