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At Elite International Information Systems LLC (EIIS), we provide comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) hardware solutions designed to streamline and enhance the retail and hospitality operations of our clients. Our POS hardware solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to large enterprises, and are backed by our expertise and industry experience.
Improve work flow, increase operational efficiency

Our POS hardware solutions include:

POS Terminals: We offer a wide range of POS terminals that are robust, reliable, and feature-rich. Our POS terminals are designed to handle high transaction volumes and offer seamless integration with various peripherals such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and customer displays. Our terminals come in different form factors, including all-in-one systems, tablet-based systems, and traditional desktop systems, to suit different business environments and requirements.
Barcode Scanners: Our barcode scanners are designed to provide accurate and efficient scanning of barcodes, QR codes, and other symbologies. We offer handheld scanners, fixed-mount scanners, and presentation scanners, with wired and wireless connectivity options.
Receipt Printers: Our receipt printers offer fast, reliable, and high-quality printing of receipts, invoices, and other transaction documents. We provide thermal printers, dot matrix printers, and impact printers, with different printing speeds, connectivity options, and paper roll capacities.
Cash Drawers: Our cash drawers are designed to provide secure and organized cash management at the point of sale. We offer cash drawers in different sizes, styles, and locking options, with features such as multiple compartments, adjustable coin and bill compartments, and robust construction for durability.
Customer Displays: We offer LCD displays, LED displays, and pole displays, with different sizes and mounting options. Our customer displays can show pricing information, promotions, advertising, and other relevant messages to enhance the customer experience at the point of sale.
Peripheral Devices: In addition to the above, we also offer a wide range of peripheral devices such as keyboards, touchscreens, pole mounts, and stands, to complement and enhance the functionality of our POS hardware solutions.

Secure your store with prevention of loss

Our family of Theft detection systems uses reliable antishoplifting technology to help keep merchandise secure. Theft detection systems offer visible or discreet coverage and come in a variety of designs to match your store’s aesthetic, to help you find the perfect anti-theft solution for your business.Secure your store with prevention of loss
Point of Sale systems

At EIIS, we understand that efficient and reliable POS hardware is essential for businesses to provide seamless and convenient customer transactions. Our POS hardware solutions are sourced from reputable manufacturers and are backed by our technical expertise in installation, configuration, and support. We also offer integration services with different POS software systems to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our clients.

Partner with EIIS for your POS hardware needs and let us help you optimize your retail and hospitality operations with our reliable and feature-rich solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our POS hardware solutions and how they can benefit your business.

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