Milesight VMS Enterprise

VMS Enterprise

Advanced C/S Architecture Intuitive Live View ·
Efficient Playback Scalable Video Wall
Milesight VMS Enterprise is a professional and intelligent video management software for businesses. Together with our cameras, it can simplify and freshen up your video surveillance. With advanced C/S architecture, it fulfills your demands and expectations, with rich core functions including live view, record, E-Map, event alarm and smart analysis etc.

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Milesight VMS Enterprise is high-performing and systemfriendly for 7/24 constant running.
  • Client/Server Architecture Supports 2000-CH per System
  • Powerful Decoding Performance with GPU Decoding Mainly
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming
Milesight VMS Enterprise provides the most flexible adaptive layout and customized monitoring solutions
  • Self-adaptive Layout
  • Custom Event Rule Settings
  • Multi-disk Recording

Milesight VMS Enterprise features reliable performance with comprehensive protections.

  • N+N Failover
  • Priority Backup of Appointed Cameras
  • Lock of Important Video
  • Real-time Monitoring of Running Status
Milesight VMS Enterprise levels up the security with different privileges and multilayered secure encryption mechanisms.
  • Customization of the Roles' Privileges
  • Encipherment Password Protection
  • Encrypted Video Files to Secure Critical Evidence
Milesight VMS Enterprise maximizes the extensibility of your video surveillance system.
  • Multi Monitors for Displaying 
  • Scalable Video Wall
  • Integration with IoT Devices (Available in Q4 2021)
User Friendliness

Milesight VMS Enterprise provides a friendly UI with rich functions, bringing a great user experience.

  • Multifunction Panels & Intuitive Interface
  • Superior UI Design
User Friendliness
Manage Anytime with M-VMS Mobile
Manage Anytime with M-VMS Mobile
Live View
  • PTZ
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Client Trigger Alarm
  • Times the Speed of Playback
  • 4-CH Synchronous or Asynchronous Playback
  • Playback by Events & Split Playback
Receive Event Messages from Milesight VMS Enterprise